Our Mission

Terra Consultancy strives to promote Deaf inclusion into social and corporate lives by serving Deaf community as well as those parties involved in day-to-day social, medical, educational, legal and business affairs with Deaf.
Terra Consultancy also aims to eliminate cross-cultural and language barriers in conducting these affairs in spoken verbal and written communication.
Terra vouches to achieve these as follows:
  1. By providing one stop progressive academic service that facilitates educational developments through partnerships on behalf of academic institutions and Deaf students
  2. This is achieved by offering a unique package in which the Deaf students’ course requirements are matched with the professional and education background as well as affinities of the
    communication support provided, so Deaf students are encouraged to achieve maximum of their potential.
  3. To increase employability of Deaf by raising confidence in Deaf workforce and professionals by providing them with practical help in developing and demonstrating specialized and transferable skills either as employees or self-employed persons.
  4. To erase linguistic and cultural barriers by providing professional, efficient, and accurate translation and interpretation in spoken languages within both public and private sector.

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