TERRA champions Hearing Awareness training for the Deaf

On Friday 11th November TERRA Team visited the img_2676ViVAsPro charity to host a special session of Hearing Awareness training for Deaf attendees.

The training was specifically designed to help members of the Deaf community adapt to the challenges presented by the Hearing world whilst engaging in their daily activities of life. Attention was drawn to real life examples enabling the candidates to learn how to interaimg_2737ct with Hearing people according to the acceptable boundaries of politeness within the hearing culture. This included introductions, conversation techniques and the correct manner in which to interrupt or get the attention of somebody.

The class also focused on how to help Deaf people feel more empowered in society by raising their awareness of access to interpreter provision in

the workplace, community and other
activities. The candidates were thus enabled to build confidence in a variety of ways that they can utilise such support in order to facilitate their communication needs through an intermediary. TERRA Consultancy remains committed to a positive programme of education and training that fosters close ties with and enriches the diversity of both the Deaf and Hearing communities.

Contact us:

Tel: 07793242790




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