Global Issue Networking Forum 2016 (GIN) Halcyon London International School Deaf Awareness Training




Since the recent conference hosted by the EU in Brussels , “Multilingualism and equal rights in the EU: the role of sign languages”, Terra Consultancy has been working hard to  promote ways of raising the profile of sign language and the deaf community at a National level. This is in accord with MEP Helga Stevens who is herself a sign language user and active campaigner for the rights of deaf and disabled people across Europe, whose hope it is that we can thus “ show that sign languages are as much a part of Europe’s multilingual heritage as spoken languages.” Terra aims to showcase issues of deaf awareness and sign language to students participating in The Global Issues Networking (GIN) at The Halcyon London International School.

GIN was instituted by the EU in 2003, with the mission of empowering young people to collaborate in creating sustainable solutions to global issues. Giving these international students an awareness of eu-parliamentsome of the  basic issues affecting deaf people should enable them to further deepen their understanding of wider issues affecting the deaf community and build in them an appreciation of the positive contribution that the deaf community as a whole can bring to the national and global debate.

TERRA Consultancy appreciates the opportunity to be engaged with such a proactive and internationally recognised platform of debate and will aim to continue to highlight the voice of the deaf community and its role in creating sustainable solutions to issues of global impact.

To contact TERRA Consultancy for more details regarding Sign language communication support related interpreting, Deaf Awareness, Deaf Community and related Educational and Business Interpreting/Courses for your platform. Book online:


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