Terra Consultancy is delighted to have been able to support VivasPro on their Exhibition which took place on Fridays July 2016.

The event showcased the work and creations of VivasPro students who have been attending practical courses learning sewing, leatherwork and jewellery making. VivasPro is avaluable charity which was set up to help Deaf , Disabled and disadvantaged people suffering from domestic abuse, depression and personal difficulties. Confidential counselling, practical help and enrichment courses are available. VivasPro Arts Expo Cocktail Party was a special occasion for the students’ handiwork to be displayed.

Terra supplied the food, refreshments, a DJ, BSL interpreters and help with general organisation.

Showcased were leather wallets and bags, all professionally done with stitching, zippers and poppers. The jewellery was creative and attractive and there were also beautiful sewn clothes and scarves done by the students.

The students expressed how much they enjoyed and learned from the courses. They all had a sense of real achievement and were proud to display their handiwork and skills and are keen to continue to improve upon their skills gained. Several students have the vision to continue learning to become proficient in their skills and possibly start their own business.

All attendants were very impressed with the level of skill in the handiworks.  

Certificates were handed out to the students as they had completed the first part of their courses.

Leatherwork Award  Leatherwork Award  Jeweling Making Award Sewing/Tailoring Award


Teacher Group 

Afterwards, all enjoyed yummy sandwiches, snacks and refreshments provided by Terra. We were able to chat, network and also enjoy & dance to music from Terra’s DJ!

You can contact VivsPro on their website, by Skype, Facetime or text:

If you need any BSL interpretation, CSW, Deafblind, lipspeaker or note taking for colleges, universities or meetings, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Mobile: 078 3472 8194  


We would love to hear from you!


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