TERRA has celebrated together with Harrow United Deaf International Festival

TERRA has celebrated together with Harrow United Deaf International Festival

Saturday 4th June 2016!


Terra Consultancy and TSA (Terra Signing Academy) were delighted to participate in Harrow United Deaf Clubs brilliant International Festival Day hosted at Harrow Council Civic centre on Sunday 5th June 2016.

Our team arrived before doors opened at 4pm and along with the other organisations, and individuals involved, busied themselves setting up stalls and readying the displays, merchandise and products for the event.

Throughout the afternoon the ‘Team Terra’ stall was extremely busy with lots of interest from the Deaf community.  People of all ages enquired about the various services we offer, including our:

  1. All-Sectors Interpreting Service covering: Education, Employment, Community, Health and Information & Advice Service, plus many more!
  1. Student Support, including to: access, maintain and progress in appropriate training.
  1. Employment Support Services, including employer consultations.
  1. BSL and Deaf Awareness training courses, including tailored employee packages and courses for general interest and development.


As can be seen, the Civic Centre was packed with both organisations and attendees.  Stall holders promoted their organisational aims, their services and any relevant products of interest to the Deaf community.  Overall the event was a great experience and a fabulous opportunity for networking with both old and new friends.


One particularly lively activity which took place was Karan’s Bollywood Master-Class Group.  They really lifted the audience and got everyone grooving, providing an added bonus of a dance workshop to teach people some more ‘specific’ dance moves.


The Terra Consultancy team were also honoured to meet the President of HUDC, Mr Asif Iqbal, (MBE), and were able to share their gratitude with him directly at being able to take part in the event.

Many thanks to Mr. Iqbal for making this wonderful and important event happen for the Deaf community.

If you need any BSL interpreters, CSW, Deafblind, Lipspeakers or note-taking for your classes at colleges, universities or meetings,  please do not hesitate to contact Terra Consultancy: 078 3472 8194 or email: info@consult-terra.com

We would love to hear from you.

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