Terra Signing Academy (TSA) at Language Show Live 2015 Highlights

DSC_0265. TSA

Terra Signing Academy (TSA) were at the Language Show Live in Olympia Kensington London from 16 – 18 October 2015 and it was a huge success! The Language Show is in it’s 25th year. There were 160 companies exhibiting their language services and over 8000 people attended the event so it was a weekend filled with activity and information! It was well prepared, well organised and the atmosphere was great.


There is now more interaction among people from diverse backgrounds and cultures than ever before. It’s increasingly important for people to learn additional languages and be able to communicate with a wide variety of individuals. The Language Show encourages this. TSA were surprised at how many people were interested in learning British Sign Language (BSL). Lots of people visited the TSA stall and requested information about our Levels 1 – 6 BSL courses and asked lots of questions about sign language and deaf people. People were interested in learning sign language for many reasons such as a career in interpreting or Communication Support Work, to teach deaf children or adults, to be able to communicate with a deaf family member, friend or colleague, to learn more about body language or just because sign language is interesting and fun!


At the Language Show, TSA also ran three BSL Taster Classes and a 2 hour “BSL Plus” Class. All the classes were fully booked and the feedback was that they really enjoyed learning some sign language and would like to continue learning BSL with TSA.

DSC_0184 RemoveTSA run sign language courses at venues in East and West London for beginners, intermediate and advanced students from Level 1 to Level 6. Our venues are located in Hanbury Street, London E1 and at Creffield Road, London W5. More information about TSAs BSL courses and an online application is available from:

We look forward to the Language Show Live next year!

TSA Academy
Mobile: 07834 728 194
Website: http://www.tsa-academy.com
Twitter: @TSA Terra BSL
Facebook Page: Terra Signing Academy


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