Planet DeaFantastic EXPO 2015

Planet DeaFantastic EXPO 2015

Hello everyone! As you all know Terra are hosting the PLANET DEAFANTASTIC

EXPO, a fun, information and action packed exhibition day for everyone. It takes

place on 13 July 2015 from 10am till 4pm at Glaziers Hall, 9 Montague Close,

London Bridge SE1 9DD.

It’s the UK’s FIRST ever Deaf Expo! Come and make history with us! It’s really


The venue is confirmed as the beautiful Glaziers Hall which is only a few minutes

walk from London Bridge and Waterloo stations.

We have some fantastic companies and presentations at the Expo providing

information and advice about things like education, employment, theatre, music,

business and deaf access.

There will be a dedicated advice station at the Expo with experts providing instant

information on a range of topics such as:

 Are you looking for a new job? Bring your CV to the advice station. There will

be advisors will help “improve your CV” and give tips on job seeking.

 Do you plan to go to higher education or university? Come to the Expo to talk

to an ”advisor” to advise you about degree choice, access and funding.

 Do you have a business idea or plan? Bring your drafted business plan to the

Expo where experts will help you improve with ‘’business plan support’’ and

give you tips to help you succeed.

 Do you have questions or problems with health or care? Bring them with you

and you can get free advice and help from ‘’health services’’

 There will be stalls selling lots of other products. Come prepared to

go “shopping”.

Remember there will be a kids club provided all day at the Expo – you don’t have to

worry about childcare.

The Planet DeaFantastic Expo has been featured in SL First Magazine. SL First

Magazine is a leading publication which brings together businesses and services

that are accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities. Here’s the



If you would like to promote your products, services or organisation, you can book a

stall at the event. There’s only a few stalls left though and places are limited so if you

don’t want to miss out, better hurry up!

Please fill out this enquiry form to request a stall booking


For more information and the background on the event


Please visit our Facebook page and confirm if you will be attending the event:


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