Easter, Sunday 5th April 2015


Happy Easter from Terra!

Easter is the best holiday in April. It’s a time when we all get a well earned long weekend break or a couple of weeks off school, college or university. It’s also a good excuse to eat lots of chocolate! However many people don’t know that much about Easter; Why do we celebrate it? What does it mean? And why are there so many bunny rabbits and chocolate eggs around at this time of year??

10 Interesting Facts you probably didn’t know about Easter

  1. Easter is the oldest festival in the Christian calendar dating back to 30 AD which is nearly 2000 years ago!
  2. Easter Sunday is celebrated on the first Sunday after the March full moon so the date changes. It can be anytime between 22st March and 25th April.
  3. Christians believe that Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday in 30AD. We now call this Good Friday. They also believe that he was brought back from the dead (resurrected) 3 days later on a Sunday. We now call this Easter Sunday.
  4. Many religious and pagan groups believe that an egg symbolises new life. Easter is a time when Christians believe that Jesus came back to life so they celebrate this by using eggs as a symbol of life. In the past people used to give each other dyed chicken eggs but this has been replaced in modern culture by chocolate eggs (they’re tastier!).
  5. Surprisingly Easter bunnies have nothing to do with the Christian Easter! This tradition is believed to be linked to the pagan Goddess Eostra. She was the goddess of spring and fertility and her symbol was a rabbit because of this animal’s high reproduction rate. Spring and Easter have become linked together and so rabbits have become a symbol of spring and Easter.
  6. The name “Easter” comes from the pagan Goddess of spring and fertility Eostra.
  7. Every child in the UK receives an average of 8.8 Easter eggs each year.
  8. On Easter Sunday in Scotland and the North East they have an “egg rolling” competition where people roll painted eggs down a hill. This tradition is also popular in many parts of America.
  9. 1.5 million Cadburys Creme Eggs are produced in the UK every day!
  10. According to a recent survey 76% of people believe that the ears on chocolate bunnies should be eaten first.

We hope you enjoyed our fun facts and learnt something about Easter. Terra would like to wish everyone a happy and relaxing Easter.

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