Leading the field: TERRA provides BSL healthcare communication courses

DSC_0127Nowadays, many organisations offer courses for people to learn British Sign Language (BSL).  Usually, these courses take the learner through a variety of everyday situations in which a Deaf person might need communication support and these, of course, are very important.  However, it has long been recognised that more specialised courses are needed to meet some very specific needs of the Deaf community in their communication with the hearing. This is especially so in the field of healthcare and medicine.

Now, TERRA Consultancy is proud to announce that they can design and deliver a Level One course in BSL specifically for people working in the healthcare services. This course is ratified and examined by Signature.


Whilst, TERRA can actually design a tailor-made course to suit specific needs a typical course outline would include: medical terminology, medical personnel, useful directional vocabulary and more. The course could also be delivered within a variety of time frames to suit the needs of a healthcare organisation.  Delivered by a Deaf tutor this BSL healthcare course aims to equip the learner with the basic (Level 1) skills essential for a healthcare professional when dealing with the medical needs of a Deaf client.

Should your organisation (ie. hospital, health clinic etc) require us to design and deliver a BSL Level One course for your healthcare professionals – do not hesitate                                                                to contact us on:

To find out more, please visit:DSC_0043




and complete the enquiry form. We will contact you with full details and costs by reply.


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