University and DSA


Got your A-Level and thinking about University? Congratulations!

 If you are thinking about a University place and applying for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) please contact us!

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 See what other deaf students we have supported have to say: –

 “Terra helped me fill in the DSA form and made sure I had an interpreter for my assessment so I could explain everything I had before at college and what I needed for university….”

 “I had three different notetakers through my course and they were all great – understood my style and made sure the notes were Deaf friendly….”

 “Terra sorted out interpreters for all my lectures and seminars from my timetable, and when it all changed last minute, they did it all again for me. Thanks for saving me all that time and stress!”

 “The Disability team at my University were not really Deaf Aware, so Terra were able to make them understand what support I needed and I got a 2:1, so I am very happy and grateful….’’

If you want to go University this year or next year, be aware that the Government has announced changes to DSA which may affect you!

Before it’s too late you need to do the following things:

  1. Before you start Higher Education, think about what you would like to study – does it follow on from what you did in your A-Levels? Will it help you get the job you want in future?
  2. Do some research on courses and different Universities – which have a good reputation? Not just the course and university, but what about their Deaf support?
  3.  Apply to UCAS if you are planning to go to university to get into the clearing system if you cannot get your first choices of place.
  4.  Apply to Student Finance England (SFE) to secure a loan if you need one.
  5.  Apply for the Disability Student Allowance (DSA)
  6.  Arrange for a  Needs Assessment Report to be done – there are Assessment Centres around the country, so there could be one near you! Terra can arrange it for you too.

You must make sure you apply well in advance of your course start date. This is very important as you may not be provided with all the support you need such as a BSL interpreter or a note taker. You are entitled to these so do not leave it too late.

Also, check with the University you are thinking about if they will offer extra support if needed. If your DSA budget only covers a BSL interpreter or Communication Support Worker, will they provide a Notetaker for you? ASK!

Are you confused already? Is this too complicated for you?

Do not worry! Just contact Terra – we are here to help!

We have all the answers and will help to ensure you have all the access and support that is needed for a smooth start of your new course.

BSL video about DSA:

To make an appointment with us text, call, Skype, Tango, FaceTime us:


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