Deaf Christmas Business Show 2013

Over 200 people made an appearance at the Deaf Christmas Business Show that took place at the Hackney Empire 2 on Saturday evening, 14th December 2013. The event had the aim of highlighting the campaign to promote and increase awareness of Deaf and Hard of Hearing entrepreneurship for both employed and unemployed people. The proportion of Deaf and Disabled people experiencing barriers of access to education, employment and setting up businesses is a much higher percentage than the national average. This event was originally created to do something positive about this imbalance.

The event included an excellent buffet, serving healthy and delicious food and drinks, plus a cool DJ playing great music with heavy vibes for those who like to dance. Yes, Deaf people can dance to the vibrations even if they cannot hear the music!.


Of course, how could a Christmas event be complete without the big man in red! It was not only the kids who got to sit on Santa’s lap and receive gifts but some of the grownups too whose names were picked out of a prize draw hat.


From a perspective of those passionate about Deaf issues, being present at a Deaf event where everyone is using BSL (British Sign Language) was an awesome and insightful experience.

The next Deaf Christmas Business Show will take place in Central London on 6th December 2014, 6pm to 12pm. All are welcome to come and take part in this event warranted to inspire and motivate!

More Information on tickets and venue will be posted soon.


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