Deaf Christmas Business Show 2012 Feedback

Transcript Event Feedback Quotes from video on the night:

Aleksandra Postwana-Husar, Swim Coach and Freelance BSL Teacher

‘This event is really valuable with lots of information and shared experiences of different organisations.’

Ash Fofaria, IT Consultant

‘Really interesting, now we are doing Deaf networking, talking to people with their own businesses or planning to set one up in the future. I am having a good time!’

Himel Chowdhury, 3D Graphic Designer, RHC Visuals

‘I recently set up a 3D Graphic Design business and I want to promote myself so I thought it would be a good idea to come here to the Deaf Business Christmas Party.’

Ajay-Sima Shukla, Graphic Information Technician

‘Running your own business is a great idea. Very interesting being here and meeting everyone. And a lovely meal too!’

Mahmood Aslam, now a Freelance Catering Professional has

‘Wow! So many Deaf people are here in Mayfair! It was really interesting- I have never seen anything like it before, first time seeing all these deaf businesses people and their experimental presentations. It is all about looking forward into business setting ups and I would love to set up my own business. I have been doing the same old thing driving a van but would like to do catering which I know everything about it already. I would like to learn more about running a business. It’s great!’

Quoc Lu, Management Consultant

‘Really interesting presentations on business. In one particular I was enlightened by a very nice lady Sabina Iqbal, the founder of The Deaf Parents UK. Her presentation was very powerful. She shared her experiences about the charity she set up. I believe that you have to keep going, you cannot give up no matter how is it hard or easy. I understand her presenting message very clearly. It is very interesting and I have enjoyed it so far.’

Joanne Stokes, Special Needs Teaching Assistant

‘Good presentations making Deaf people aware about Deaf business pathways in the future and their achievements. All were really good and so well attended by such smart looking people. Really interesting – Fantastic! Thank you!’

Michael Singh, Civil Servant, Crown Prosecution Service

‘In the presentations I was really interested in the topic about how charities can become businesses. I have learned a lot and would like to know how to set-up a business in the future and do it myself. I need to learn more in depth but it was really worthwhile. PLUS lovely food and lovely cakes!’

Brijesh Moodi, Freelance Graphic Designer

‘It is very good here – it is really fantastic event for Deaf Christmas Business Show. It has given the Deaf ability to share experiences of setting up business and learning pathways how to do it. It is very interesting here, a good opportunity to learn, which is helpful for the future.’

Herbert Klein, Deaf Community Facilitator, NHS Trust

‘It is very interesting to meet new deaf people and new faces. I am amazed how many deaf people are not English and are from different countries, which I did not recognize before. A few deaf people I know, but many I have never seen before. How did they know about today, where are they from, how did they access this? I am really impressed. I am from the local Deaf community and know it very well. I like the diverse group here and we should get altogether to share our valuable experiences we have been through in the past. Here we have new faces, different cultures and different ways of life coming from abroad in the deaf business world. We should get together – I hope we do!’

Dolapo Alkande, Freelance BSL Teacher
‘I think this year is better than last year. Why? Well tis is a really big, posh centre. There have been plenty of speakers giving good talks. There was a presenter called Anga Kuru from DeafRoots and Sabina Iqbal from DeafParents UK gave a fantastic talk – very interesting. It included children’s games which was great. There was also nice food laid on. The spread was very fancy with posh cakes!’


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