Clin d’oeil Festival

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 17.15.51

The festival was a 3 days event (5-7 July 2013) aimed at promoting Deaf culture throughout Europe through different sectors such as performing arts, movies, dance, signed poetry, street theatre, exhibitions, children workshop, fashion and many more.

One of my favourite movie was “Fairytale of London Town” directed by Louis Neethling and written by Rebecca Atkinson. The story of 3 Deaf women, bored of their lives who rekindle with their friendship after facing life changes…An inspiring tale full of love, friendship and hope.

The festival took place in Reims (France) and celebrated this year its 10th anniversary.
Clin d'oeil 2013 Reims Exhibition Festival
2013 was a very special year as the festival also welcomed non-european countries. Every year,the
festival honours a guest country such as the United States last year and Japan this year.


Clin d'oeil 2013 Reims

Exceptionally a third 750 seats theatre was provided for the occasion!
3 days of culture, Deaf pride, fun, international networking, an event accessible for all (weather for hearing, Usher syndrome, physically impaired people all needs were meet) and where everyone was welcome!!!
An outstanding event that is getting bigger and better every year!

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