Deaf Germans have had enough! Sign Sign Sign!!!

Deaf Germans had had enough!

Deaf Germans have had enough! On Friday the 14th of June 2013 they have planned a demonstration in Berlin as they are not satisfy with the lack of German Sign Language access.

Although the German sign language has been recognized 25 years ago by the German government, accessibility still remains a huge issue.

The lack of Interpreters and the high cost of Interpreting services represent a huge issue. Sadly, Germany only use GSL Interpreters in serious cases and does not regard the accessibility as paramount for ALL Deaf.
They do not offer on-line interpretation and it is often necessary for the Deaf person to use the Swiss on-line interpretation.
Captioning or GSL interpreters are also missing for the German TV screens.
The quality of education for the Deaf is sadly very poor and inadequate and as a result the unemployment rate among the Deaf people has increased.

You can support the Deaf Germans by going to the demonstration on 14 June in Berlin or signing the online petition through the link provided:

Deaf Germans have rights!Let’s support them in their battle to make them applicable.


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