Lina Kankeviciute: The Door.

Many people recognize me from last year’s 4play at the Deafinitely Theatre comic performance ‘‘Absence in Time’’ by Vitalis Katakinas as the Russian’s wife. (reviews:,,

This year my play was at the 4play called “The Door” by Lianne Herbet. Director was Ramesh Meyappan.

At the end of the week when the 4play shows were over, I felt a strange feeling as if I was going to miss a part of me. I was very disappointed and sad to see the end of it all. But that was such a valuable experience! And to work with the well-known and respectable director Ramesh Meyyappan was a privilege I am so grateful of.

To interpret from a script was extremely difficult. I had to focus on the emotions of the character and only on the emotions as the director had decided to exclude speech/BSL. He wanted to convey the rawness, the extreme emotions and hard emotions to feel and to become. Everyday before rehearsal and throughout, I cried my eyes out! Especially when I reached the pinnacle of the play, which was to wake up in my panties after the abuse was done. I had to live this character and be this woman who was abducted, abused and detained for years in a basement.

The other difficulty resided in having to switch from my own emotions to the character’s emotions; from the laughter I shared with my friends backstage to the turmoil of this suffering woman.The play was using simple choreography and metaphors. No props – just a door, a teddy bear, some thread and needles. I was the only and main character to convey this awful story although the presence of a brutal man was recurrent. Who was he???… Father, brother, boyfriend, neighbour??? It is for the audience to decide…

The director of “The Door” was such an inspiration for me. Being Deaf I could relate to him. Not only that, he has taught me how to use body language as a unique and powerful tool to convey the character feelings.

I grew up in Lithuania being aware of the many ways one can convey a message using body language. My former theatrical Director was Jonas Vaitiekaitis, Dramaturgy Captain. He taught me the various and numerous skills I have develop throughout the years. I have learnt a tremendous amount from him, from perfecting gestures to perfecting expressions, from using my own initiative and creativity to be able to understand quickly the essence of what a director wants. All of these skills were useful and valuable skills I applied for ‘The Door’ character.

For me theatre is a magical place where anything can happen. It gives me an immense pleasure to be able to be part of this magic that happens between the scene and the audience.

And when I am bowing to the audience, I feel so grateful and honoured to have been briefly part of their life.

Lina Kankeviciute 


The Door, 4 Play 2013. Photo by Simon Kane


“The Door”, 4play 2013, Photo by Simon Kane


The Door, 4Play 2013, Deafinitely Theatre. Photo by Simon Kane

The Door, 4Play 2013

”Absence in Time” by Vitalis Katakinas, 4play, Deafinitely Theatre 2012.


“Absence in Time”, 4play 2012


“Absence in Time”, 4play 2012, Photo by Simon Kane

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