My experience at Deaffest 2013!

Lenka Prokes about her experience at Deaffest 2013, Deaf Film Festival in Wolverhampton in BSL.


Hello Everyone,


Last weekend I went to the north of England in Wolverhampton.

If you are wondering why, it was for a Deaf Movie Festival called Deaffest.

Wow, so many stars were there!

I love all of them! Actors, editors, directors their teamwork is so impressive!

The festival included the award for the best actors, the best movie, the best documentary and so many more awards such as international movie.

All of them were so exciting!

You must remember one of the baddies in Harry Potter, sir Richard Griffiths?! Well he was the patron of the festival. We found out about his life experience, his acting experience, about his views on the different roles he played which are very different from our views as spectators. Such a knowledgeable and respectable man! And he could sign!
But sad news is that he recently passed away suffering a heart-attack.


Through the weekend, if you were bored with the films, you could wander around and have a look at the many stalls available. They were presenting knitting, jewellery, food and drink. Such a great atmosphere!

Once the gala was finished, it was the turn of the VV, the great Visual Vernacular competition. I was attending one for the first time and WOW! So fascinating!
We had to pick one and I choose Adam Basset.
The reason for that is that whereas the other competitors were sticking to one particular area such as war, comedy, superhero, Adam was including all visual aspects; story-telling, phone and fire. He was very creative and imaginative!


Sand then, I was reaching the end of the festival. 😦


I am so happy of the experience and enjoyed meeting all the actors, directors, crew and other professionals.


I am definitely going next year!

Are you coming as well?

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 15.46.28


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