Deaf Awareness Week 2013

“Get involved / get aware!” – 6th – 12th May 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 13.09.49

Deaf Awareness Week is a unique campaign in that so many different organisations participate, each able to promote their own work within the broad spectrum of deafness.

It is a fine example of so many organisations collaborating and working together in a joint campaign.

Many organisations are now having the theme this year: – “Get involved / get aware!” and a series of posters are available to support the week’s activities.

Their aim is to promote the work of the member organisations through the Deaf Awareness Week website on which organisations can publicise their events in the DAW calendar.


and many more… Just type ‘Deaf Awareness Week 2013’ on Google Search and you will find a list of events/organisations related to Deaf Awareness Week 2013.




One response to “Deaf Awareness Week 2013

  1. Hi sir, greetings to u so much and also am good to going our organization in naivasha, nakuru county Kenya. So we want to know what is the theme for this year? Hoping that we join to ur membership. Thanks by Training officer.

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