Deaf Day City Lit 2013!

TERRA’s team had a stall in room 408 at popular annual event – City Lit for Deaf Day. The day was packed with workshops, exhibitions, information on Deaf education and Deaf access, as well as entertainment geared to everyone who is interested in Deaf culture.

Our stall was packed! Extremely well attended with Deaf and hearing wanting to either get more information about job possibilities or the recent news about exploring education avenues. Terra services responded in a distinctive, intelligent and innovative way.

TERRA always has the passion to serve visitors who are interested in our work. We were commended for our speed in responding to queries and our innovative approach in serving Deaf community. Additionally, we were complimented looking very well in our royal blue shirt with Terra logo and motto on the back. You can get idea of the shirts from the photos.

We have distributed promotional material and have given a number of valuable advice. The Deaf left happy and reassured that they will be looked after in the best possible way with TERRA’s expertise. Deaf visitors, as well as hearing professionals, were satisfied to learn of a range of employment opportunities.

We trust that ALL enjoyed the prize draw. Three major prizes have been won and we wholeheartedly congratulate to the winners!

At the end of the busy day, everyone left with a smile on their face. Our mission was completed and we had a marvelous night out in a nearby bar.

We would like to say a thank you to all those who came to our stall last Saturday on 6th April 2013 at City Lit for Deaf Day.

Thank you! The day was a huge success and we are proud if we served you well!

See you soon!


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