Olympic and Paralympic London 2012

Hello everyone. What a shame summer has finished!
The whole world was watching the Olympics and Paralympics. Everyone was following different sport: from swimming, basketball, archery, to boxing and cycling.
It seemed that everyone enjoyed and will never forget spectacle.
British team got 65 medals – Congratulations!
And Paralympics GB Team got 103 medals – well done!
It was hard work for the whole team, especially Paralympics. Well done.
Now back to work or school, back in new victories!
Some of Deaf students would like to join universities or colleges or courses but might be having problems with access such as communication, enrollment, etc.
It might be that some Deaf people would like to work but have difficulty in getting information about the job, not know where to search for jobs – we can help you with this.
Thirdly, some people might dream about having own business but arenot sure where to start from – We can help you by providing sources and advice.
So contact us via TERRA website www.consult-terra.com or you can email us at info@consult-terra.com.
Also we are preparing for a great social network – Deaf Christmas Business Show in London. This year it is in the posh area, near Mayfair. It will take place on Saturday 8th December 2012. We are really excited to see everyone. Please remember to book in your diaries and make sure you come!



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